i want THIS THAT!

these are things that i want and love, simple as that. i want to share them and my point of view with you.

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Here are our things moved in from our sublet.  For moving and storage, we used Flat Rate.  I think the customer service was very good.  I had to make many changes and adjustments to my move, and they were always accommodating.

For our shower/tub hardware, it took hours for me to find something for our bathroom.  We wanted a separate hand shower in addition to a rain can shower.  This was not easy to find!  We finally came across the Symmons Museo Tub/Shower/Handshower system.  We loved how it looked modern and had all the parts we needed all in one package!

The last picture you will see the American Standard Cadet 3 toilet.  I originally purchased the Kohler Persuade.  I was so annoyed when my contractor told me that the Kohler had 12” rough in valve, and he said he should’ve told me I needed 10”.  I had to scramble to find another toilet while the contractors were still working.  

I called my dad, and he was a hero to the rescue.  I called Home Depot in Paramus, NJ (the one here in the city only carries 12”) and found that they had only this one model for a 10”. My dad drove over, picked it up, and drove it right into the city.  It’s not my ideal toilet by any means because I wanted something more modern and streamlined, but I will keep it because it reminds me of how my dad came to the rescue and helped me.

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